Latin Phrases

terras irradient – Let them illumine the earth (Motto of Amherst College)

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terras irradient
Let them illumine the earth
(Motto of Amherst College)

nil sine magno labore
Nothing without great effort.
(Motto of Brooklyn College)

in deo speramus
In God we trust.
(Motto of Brown University)

respice, adspice, prospice
Look back, look to the present, look to the future.
(Motto of City College of New York)

in lumine tuo videbimus lumen
In thy light, we shall see light.
(Motto of Columbia University)

vox clamantis in deserto
A voice of one crying in the wilderness.
(Motto of Dartmouth College)

scientia sol mentis
Knowledge, the sun of the mind.
(Motto of Delaware College)

sapientia et doctrina
Wisdom and knowledge.
(Motto of Fordham University)

(Motto of Harvard University)

mihi cura futuri
My anxiety is for the future.
(Motto of Hunter College)

veritas vos liberabit
Truth will free you.
(Motto of Johns Hopkins University)

prodessequam conspici
To the productive, rather than to be ornamental.
(Motto of Miami University)

perstare et praestare
To preserve and to surpass
(Motto of New York University)

pro ecclesia et patria
For church and country.
(Motto of Trinity College)

non sibi, sed suis
Not for herself, but for her own.
(Motto of Tulane University)

crescat scientia, vita excolatur
Let knowledge increase, let life be perfected
(Motto of the University of Chicago)

civium in moribu rei publiae salus
In the character of its citizens lies the welfare of the state.
(Motto of University of Florida)

artes, scientia, veritas
The arts, knowledge, truth.
(Motto of University of Michigan)

virtute et armis
By valour and arms.
(Motto of University of Mississippi)

salus populi
The welfare of the people.
(Motto of University of Missouri)

lux hominum vita
Light of the life of men.
(Motto of University of New Mexico)

lux sit
Let there be light.
(Motto of University of Washington)

lux et veritas
Light and truth.
(Motto of Yale University)

deus nobis fiducia
God is our trust
(Motto of George Washington University)

disciplina praesidium civitatis
Instruction is the safeguard of the state
(Motto of the University of Texas)

deus lux mea
God is my light
(Motto of the Catholic University of America)

dei sub numine viget
It flourishes under the will of God
(Motto of Princeton University)

crux spes unica
The cross is the only hope
(Motto of Notre Dame University)

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