Latin Phrases

quoqunque jeceris stabit – Whichever Way You Throw It, It Will Stand

quoqunque jeceris stabit Whithersoever You Throw It, It Will Stand Motto of the Isle of Man, a self-governing crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Northern Ireland.  The earliest examples of the Latin motto come from the island’s coinage in the late 17th century.  

 Latin Phrases

deo juvante – with God’s Help (motto of Monaco)

deo juvante With God’s help (motto of Monaco)

 Latin Phrases

Joannes est nomen eius – John Is His Name (Motto of Puerto Rico)

Joannes est nomen ejus or:  Ioannes est nomen eius or:  Iohannes est nomen eius John is his name (Motto of Puerto Rico)