Legal Latin Terms

Here you can find latin legal terms used both in Ancient Rome and in the present times, in the modern legal system. If a certain expression has two or more possible translations, here we give you only what it means in the legal context.

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 Latin Phrases

pro rata – Proportionally; for a Proportion

pro rata Proportionally; for a proportion. In a situation where several debtors are each liable for her/his own share or proportion only, they are said to be bound “pro rata”. Term ‘pro rata’ is contrasted with ‘in solidum’ – where several debtors are each liable for the whole debt. An example of both phrases may […]

 Latin Phrases

mutatis mutandis – Things Being Changed Which Are to Be Changed

mutatis mutandis Things being changed which are to be changed. E.g., a proprietor of an estate fues his lands, and the feu contracts all contain the same general clauses, the same obligations on the feuars and confer the same rights. In such a case two of the feu charters are said to be the same […]

 Latin Phrases

contra ius commune – against Common Law

contra ius commune Against common law contra ius gentium Against the law of nations custodia legis In the custody of law corpus iuris Body of law codex A volume of manuscripts; a code of laws corpus The body; collection of law or writings Corpus Juris Canonici Body of religious law Corpus Juris Civilis Body of […]

 Latin Phrases

coram iudice – In the Presence of a Judge with Jurisdiction

coram iudice In the presence of a judge with [proper] jurisdiction coram non iudice Before a judge without [proper] jurisdiction in camera [In secret] in a judges private room  

 Latin Phrases

falsi crimem – Crime of falsification

falsi crimen / crimen falsi Crime of falsification;  perjury doli incapax Incapable of crime actus reus The criminal act; the guilty act corpus delicti Body of the crime; objective proof of crime crimen Crime; criminal crimen innominatum Nameless crime; crime against nature crimem laesae maiestatis Crime of high treason culpa lata Gross negligence culpa levis […]

 Latin Phrases

curia – A court of law

curia A court of law claves curiae Keys of the court dies juridicus A day on which the court is in session dies non juridicus A day on which the court is not in session Camera Stellata The Star Chamber (renowned court of 16th century England) accedas ad curiam You may approach the court certiorari […]

 Latin Phrases

ab extra – from Outside

ab extra From outside ab initio From the beginning actus reus A guilty deed or act ad hoc For this purpose ad infinitum To infinity, without limit, forever alibi Elsewhere, at another place aliunde From elsewhere, from a different source ante Before bona fide Sincere, in good faith bona vacantia Vacant goods, i.e., goods without […]