Latin Phrases

bene orasse est bene studuisse – to Have Prayed Well Is to Have Pursued Well

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bene orasse est bene studuisse
To have prayed well is to have pursued well

benigno numine
By the favour of the heavens (Horace)

A blessed person

Beata Virgo Maria
Blessed Virgin Mary

beati pacifici
Blessed are the peacemakes (Beatitudes)

beati pauperes spiritu
Blessed are the poor in spirit

beati possidentes
Blessed are those who possess (legal doctrine)

Pronouncements from the Sermon on the Mount

abyssus abyssum invocat
Hells calls hell (the Vulgate translation of the Bible)

Adeste Fideles
O come, all ye faithful

benedictus qui venit
Blessed is he who comes [in the Lord’s name]

caelitus mihi vires
My strength is from heaven

I believe; the apostles’ (Nicene) Creed

Things to be believed, articles of faith

Christi crux est mea lux
The cross of Christ is my light

consummatum est
It is completed/finished (Christ’s words on the cross)

Corpus Christi
feast of the Body of Christ; Holy Eucharist

dies dominicus
The Lord’s day

Dies Irae
Day of Wrath (hymn for the Requiem Mass)

di (also dii)
gods (singular: deus)

di immortales virtutem approbare, non adhibere debent
We may expect the gods to approve virtue, but not to endow us with it

di maiores
The greater gods; men of eminence

di meliora
Heaven send us better times

di minores
The lesser gods; men of lesser merit

di penates
The household gods

di pia facta vident
The gods see virtuous deeds (Ovid)

dirige nos Domine
Direct us, O Lord

dis aliter visum
The gods thought otherwise (Virgil)

dis ducibus
Under the direction of the gods

ditat Deus
God enriches (motto of the US state of Arizona)

dabit deus his quoque finem
God will bring an end to this (Virgil)

dante Deo
By the gift of God

De Civitate Dei
On the City of God (St. Augustine)

Dei gratia
By the grace of God

Dei iudicium
By the judgement of God

dei penates
Guardians of the household (household gods)

Dei plena sunt omnia
All things are full of God

Dei Sponsa
The Bride of God (poem by Patmore)

Dei sub numine viget
It flourishes under the will of God (motto of Princeton University)

Deo adjuvante non timendum
God helping, nothing should be feared

Deo date
Give to God

deo dignus vindice nodus
A knot worthy of god to untie

Deo duce
With God as my leader

Deo duce, ferro comitante
With God as my leader and my sword as my companion

Deo et regi fidelis
Faithful to God and king

Deo favente
With God’s favour

Deo gratias (D.G,)
Thanks be to God

Deo juvante
With God’s help (motto of Monaco)

Deo Optimo Maximo (D.O.M.)
For God, the best and greatest (motto of the Benedictines)

Deo, patriae, amicis
For God, motherland, and friends

deorum cibus est
It is food for the gods

deos enim religuos accepimus, Caesares dedimus
The gods were handed down to us, but we created the Caesars (i.e., the rulers) ourselves

dei fortioribus adsunt
The gods aid the stronger (Tacitus)

Deo volente (D.V.)
God willing

De Profundis
From the depths; out of despair (Psalm 130)

Deus avertat
God forbid

Deus det
God grant

Deus est regit qui omnia
There is a God who rules all things

Deus est summum bonum
God is the chief good

deus ex machina
god from a machine (a person who intervenes to solve a problem at the last minute)

Deus gubernat navem
God steers the ship

Deus lux Mea
God is my light (motto of the Catholic University of America)

Deus misereatur
May God have mercy (Psalm 67)

Deus nobiscum, quis contra?
God is with us, who can be against us?

Deus nobis fiducia
God is our trust (motto of George Washington University)

deus nobis haec otia fecit
God has brought for us this repose (Virgil)

Deus providebit
God will provide

Deus tecum
May God be with you (singular)

Deus vobiscum
May God be with you (plural)

Deus vult
God wills it (motto of the First Crusade)

Domine, dirige nos
Lord, direct us (motto of London)

Dominica palmarum
Palm Sunday

Domino Optimo Maximo (D.O.M)
To the Lord, best and greatest

The Lord

Dominus illuminatio mea
The Lord is my light (motto of the University Oxford, England)

Dominus providebit
The Lord will provide

Dominus vobiscum
May the Lord be with you

dux gregis
Leader of the flock

Agnus Dei
The Lamb of God (portion of Catholic Mass)

amicus usque ad aras
A friend to the altars (i.e., a friend until death or until relilgious convictions prevent action)

amor proximi
Love of one’s neighbour

Angelus Domini
Angle of the Lord (a Morning Prayer)

beatae memoriae
Of blessed memory

Invocation of blessing (a prayer canticle)

da fidei quae fidei sunt
Give to faith that which belongs to faith

date et dabitur vobis
Give and it shall be given unto you (the Vulgate translation of the Bible)

De Beata Vita
On the Good Life (St. Augustine)

Cantate Domino
Sing to the Lord (Psalm 98)

The chanting portions of the Catholic Mass

cantus firmus
Fixed song (Gregorian melody)

cantus planus
Plain song (Gregorian chant)

cruce, dum spiro, fido
while I breathe, I trust the cross

cruce signati
Marked with a cross; the Crusaders


crux decussata
X-shaped cross of St. Andrew or St. Patrick

crux mihi ancora
The cross is my anchor

crux spes unica
The cross is the only hope (motto of Notre Dame University)

fiat lux
let there be light (Genesis)

deo volente
God willing

dei gratia
By the grace of god

anno domini
In the year of our lord

flat lux
Let there be light

laus deo
Praise to god

lares et penates
Household gods

laborare est orare
Work is prayer

dies irae
Day of wrath (the day of judgement)

domine dilrige nos
Lord direct us

dominus illuminatio mea
The lord is my enlightening

di te incolumem custodiant
May the Gods guard your safety (an official good-bye phrase)

deo volente
God willing

gaudeamus igitur
So let us rejoice

gloria in excelsis
Glory to god in the highest

laborare est orare
Work is prayer

lares et penates
Household gods

laus deo
Praise to god

ora pro nobis
Pray for us

I have sinned

Vocatus atque
non vocatus
Deus aderit

Invoked or not invoked, the god is present
(Inscription on Carl Jung’s tombstone,
Flutern Cemetery; Fluntern (Zurich, Switzerland))

a deo et rege
From god and the king

bona fides
Good faith

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