Latin Phrases

diat deus – God Enriches (Motto of Arizona)

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diat deus
God enriches
(Motto of Arizona)

regnat populus
The people rule
(Motto of Arkansas)

I’ve found it!
(Motto of California)

nil sine numine
Nothing without God
(Motto of Colorado)

qui transtulit sustinet
He who came across, holds up.
(Motto of Connecticut)

iustitia omnibus
Justice for all.
(Motto of District of Columbia)

esto perpetua
Be always
(Motto of Idaho)

ad astra per aspera
To the stars through dificulties
(Motto of Kansas)

I direct.
(Motto of Maine)

ense petit placidam sub libertate
With the sword he seeks peace under liberty
(Motto of Massachusetts)

si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice
If you are seeking a pleasant peninsula, look around
(Motto of Michigan)

civilitas successit barbarum
Civilization succeeds barbarism
(Motto of Minnesota)

virtute et armis
By courage and arms
(Motto of Mississippi)

salus populi suprema lex est
The welfare of the people is the supreme law.
(Motto of Missouri)

crescit eundo
It grows as it grows
(Motto of New Mexico)

(Motto of New York)

labor omnia vincit
Work conquers all
(Motto of Oklahoma)

alis volat propiis
She Flies With Her Own Wings
The motto was adopted in 1854, then replaced by “The Union” in 1957, and then re-adopted again in 1987.
(Motto of Oregon)

dum spiro, spero
While I breathe, I hope
(Motto of South Carolina)

crescite et multiplicamini
Increase and multiply
(Motto of Maryland)

cedant arma togae
Let arms yield to the toga
(Motto of Wyoming)

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