Latin Phrases

accusare nemo se debit, nisi coram Deo – No One Is Bound to Accuse Himself, unless Before God

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accusare nemo se debit, nisi coram Deo
No one is bound to accuse herself/himself, unless before God

actus Dei
act of God

a Deo et rege
From God and the king

a Deo lux nostra
Our light comes from God

adiuvante Deo labor proficit
With God’s help, work prospers

ad majorem Dei gloriam
To the greater glory of God (motto of the Jesuits)

caeli enarrant gloriam Dei
the heavens display the glory of God (Psalms)

cede Deo
Submit to God

Civitas Dei
City of God (St. Augustine)

concursus Dei
concurrent activity of God

crede Deo
Trust in God

Cena Domini
The Lord’s Supper

curia Domini
The Lord’s court

afflavit Deus et dissipantur
God sent forth His breath and they were scattered (reference to the Spanish Armada)

ad majorem del gloriam
For the greater glory of god

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