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Dictionary of Latin Phrases and Proverbs: E


ecce agnus Dei
behold the Lamb of God

ecce homo
behold the man (Christ in crown of thorns)

ecce quam bonum
behold how good (Psalm 133)

ecce quomodo moritur
behold the way of death

ecce signum
behold the sign; here is the proof

e contra
on the other hand

e contrario
on the contrary

editio cum notis variorum
an edition with notes of various writers

editio cum privilegio
a licensed and authorized edition of a book

editio princeps
first printed edition of a text

editio vulgata
the common edition for the majority

effectus sequitur causam
the effect follows the cause

effugere non potes necessitates, potes vincere
you cannot escape necessities, but you can overcome them (Seneca)

e flamma petere cibum ego et rex meus
to snatch food out of the flame (Terence)

ego et rex meus
my king and I (Cardinal Wolsey)

egomet mihi ignosco
I myself pardon myself (Horace)

ego spem pretio non emo
I do not purchase hope for a price (Terence)

eheu, fugaces labuntur anni
alas, the fleeting years go by (Horace)

ei incumbit probatio qui dicit non qui negat
the proof lies upon the one who affirms, not the one who denies

ejected matter, worthless items

ejusdem farinae
of the same flour; persons of the same nature

ejusdem generis
of the same kind; of the same class

elapso tempore
the time having elapsed

elephantem ex musca facis
you are making an elephant out of a fly

elixir vitae
elixir of life

one having served his time

emollit mores nee sinit esse feros
it makes gentle the character and does not allow it to be unrefined (Ovid)

empta dolore experientia docet
experience teaches when bought with pain

buyer, purchaser

an emulsion

e necessitate
from necessity; having no alternative

enim vero di nos quasi pilas homines habent
the gods use mortals as their playthings

ens a se
a being in itself

Ens Entium
the Supreme Being

ense et aratro
with sword and plow

ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem
by the sword she seeks peaceful repose under liberty (motto of Massachusetts)

ens legis
a creature of the law

ens rationis
rational being

ens realissimum
the most real being

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem
things are not to be multiplied unless necessary (Occam's Razor)

eo animo
with that intention

eo instante
at that moment

eo ipso
by that itself; by that fact

eo loco
at that very place

eo nomine
under the name

Epicuri de grege porcus
a hog from the grove of Epicurus; an exquisite meal (Horace)

e pluribus unum
one out of many (motto of the United States)

epulis accumbere divis
to recline at the feasts of the gods (Virgil)

e re nata
under the present circumstance


eripuit caelo fulmen sceptrumque tyrannis
he snatched the thunderbolt from heaven and the sceptor from tyrants (Benjamin Franklin)

errare est humanum
to err is human (Alexander Pope)

an error in printing or writing (pi. errata)

erubuit, salva res est
he blushed, the affair is safe (Terence)

eruditio et religio
learning and religion (motto of Duke University)

to be; being; existence

esse est percipi
to be is to be perceived (Bishop Berkeley)

esse quam videri
to be rather than to seem (motto of North Carolina)

esse quam videri bonus malebat
he preferred to be good rather than to merely seem good (Sallust)

esse quid
to be; being thus so

est ars etiam male dicendi
there is an art even to malediction

est autem vis legem simulans
violence may also simulate the law

est brevitate opus, ut currat sententia
terseness is needed so that the thought may run free (Horace)

est deus in nobis
there is a god within us (Ovid)

est et fideli tuta silentio merces
loyalty has its reward secure (Horace)

est modus in rebus
there is a proper measure in things (Horace)

esto perpetua
may she live forever (motto of Idaho)

esto perpetuum
let it be everlasting

esto quod esse videris
be what you seem to be

est quaedam flere voluptas
there is a certain pleasure in crying (Ovid)

est unusquisque faber ipsae suae fortunae
every one is the creator of his own fortune

et alia; et alii (et al.)
and other things; and other people

et alibi
and elsewhere

et campose ubi Troia fruit
and the plains where Troy once was (Virgil)

et cetera (etc.)
and the rest; and so forth

et cum spiritu tuo
and with your spirit

et decus et pretium recti
both the ornament and reward of virtue

et discere et rerum exquire re causas
both to learn and to investigate the causes of things (motto of Georgia)

et ego in Arcadia
and I too (Death) have been in Arcadia

E Tenebris
Out of the Darkness (poem by Oscar Wilde)

et genus et formam regina pecunia donat
money, like the queen, gives them both rank and beauty (Horace

et genus et virtus, nisi cum re, vilior alga est
without substance, honor and valor are more worthless than seaweed (Horace)

et hoc genus omne
and everything of the kind

etiam atque etiam again and again

etiam peribant ruinae
even the ruins have perished (Lucan)

etiam sapientibus cupido gloriae novissima exuitur
the desire for glory is the last infirmity to be cast off even by the wise (Tacitus)

et id genus omne
and everything of the kind

et mihi res, non me rebus subjungere conor
I suit life to myself, not myself to life (Horace)

et nos quoque tela sparsimus
we too have hurled weapons

et nunc et semper
now and always

et passim
and everywhere; scattered thought

et sceleratis sol oritur
the sun shines even on the wicked (Seneca)

et sequens (et seq.)
and the following

et sic de ceteris
and so the rest

et sic de similibus
and so of similar things (or people)

et sic fecit
and he or she did so

et tollens vacuum plus nimio Gloria verticem
Vain glory, who lifts her proud head too high

et uxor (et ux.)
and wife

eventus stultorum magister
the result is the instructor of fools (Livy)

ex abrupto
without preparation

ex abundante cautela
from excessive caution

ex abundantia
out of the abundance

ex abusu non arguitur in usum
from the abuse of a thing there is no arguing against its use

ex acervo
out of a heap

ex adverso
from the opposite side

ex aequo et bono
according to justice and right

ex animo
from the heart; sincerely

ex auctoritate commissa
by virtue of my authority

ex bona fide
out of one's honor; from good faith

ex capite
out of the head; from memory

ex cathedra
from the seat; a position of authority

ever higher (motto of the State of New York)

exceptio probat regulam de rebus non exceptis
the exception proves the rule as to things not excepted

exceptis exicipiendibus
things excluded which should be excluded

selections or excerpts

excitari, non hebescere
to be excited, not dull

ex commodo
from convenience

ex concesso
from what has been conceded

ex contractu
matter arising out of a contract

he or she cast it

ex curia
from the court

ex delicto
matter arising out of the crime

ex dono
by gift of; donated by

ex dono Dei
by the gift of Cod

he or she may go out; allowing student to be absent

exegi monumentum aere perennius
I have raised a monument more durable than bronze (Horace)

exempla sunt odiosa
examples are odious

exempli gratia (e.g.)
odious for the sake of example

exemplum exequatur
sample; copy; model it may be executed

they go out; the players leave the stage

exeunt omnes
all the players leave the stage

exercitatio optimus es magister
practice is the best teacher

ex facie
from the face of

ex facto
from the fact or act

ex facto jus oritur
the law arises out of the fact

ex fide fortis
strength through faith

ex granis fit acervus
many grains make a heap

ex gratia
as an act of grace; out of one's favor

let it be given

he or she goes out; player leaves the stage

exitus acta probat
the end justifies the means (Ovid)

ex lege
arising from the law

ex libris
from the library of (used on bookplates)

from a distance

ex malis moribus bonae leges natae sunt
from bad usages, good laws have been born

ex mera gratia
through mere favor

ex mero motu
our of simple impulse; spontaneously

ex modo praescripto
as directed

ex more
according to custom

ex natura rei
from the nature of things

ex necessitate rei
from the necessity of the case

ex nihilo
from nothing

ex nihilo nihil fit
from nothing, nothing can be made (Lucretius)

ex officio
by virtue of one's office

Ex Ore Infantium
Out of the Mouth of Babies (Francis Thompson)

ex ore parvulorum veritas
out of the mouth of little children (comes) truth

exorire alquis nortis ex ossibus ultor
rise up from my dead bones, avenger (Virgil)

ex parte
from one side only; partisan

ex pede Herculem
to measure Hercules from his foot; from the sample we are able to estimate the whole

expende Hannibalem
weigh (the dust of) Hannibal (Juvenal)

experientia docet
experience teaches

experientia docet stultos
experience teaches fools

experimentum crucis
a crucial experiment

experto credito
trust in one who has experience

expertus metuit
having had experience, he is afraid (Horace)

it ends here

explorant adversa viros
misfortune tries men

ex post facto
after the fact; in retrospect

expressio unius est exclusio alterius
the expression of one thing excludes others

expressis verbis
in express terms

ex professo
in an open manner

ex proposito
of a set purpose; by design

ex propriis
from one's own resources

ex proprio motu
of one's own accord; voluntarily

ex quocunque capite
for whatever reason

ex relatione
reason upon relation or report

ex tacito
in a tacit manner

ex tempore
spontaneously, without preparation

ex silentio
in consequence of no contrary evidence

exinctus amabitur idem
the same one will be loved after he's dead

extortor bonorum legumque contortor
one who extorts good citizens and twists the laws (Terence)

extra modum
beyond measure

extra muros
beyond the walls

extra pecuniam non est vita
without money there is no life

ex turpi causa non oritur actio
no immoral matter can lead to a legal action

ex ungue leonem
from the claw (we may judge) a lion; from a sample we may judge the whole

ex uno disce omnes
from one, learn of all; deductive reasoning

eiurare patriam
to renounce one's country

ex usu
of use; advantageous

ex vi termini
from the force of the term

ex voluntate
as a volunteer, without obligation

ex voto
out of a vow; in pursuance of a vow

exegi monumentum aere perennius
I have raised a monument more durable than bronze (from Horace's Odes)

exitus acta probat
The result validates the deeds.

ejustden generis
Of the same kind

e pluribus unum
One out of many

et tu brute
And you too Brutus (Caesar's last words, actually were said in Greek)

ex curia
Out of court

exempli gratia
By way of example



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