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Dictionary of Latin Phrases and Proverbs: C

Irresistible urge

cacoethes carpendi
A compulsive habit for finding fault

cacoethes loquendi
A bad habit for compulsive talking

cacoethes scribendi
A bad habit for compulsive writing

cadit quaestio
The question falls, the issue collapses

caeca invidia est
Envy is blind (Livy)

caelitus mihi vires
My strength is from heaven

caeli enarrant gloriam Dei
the heavens display the glory of God (Psalms)

caelum non animum mutant qui mare currunt
Those who cross the sea change only their climate, not their minds (Horace)

Calends (the first day of the month in the ancient Roman calendar)

callida iunctura
Skillful joining, careful workmanship (Horace)

camera lucide
Bright chamber (a projection device using prism)

camera obscura
A darkened room; a device to project an image

Camera Stellata
The Star Chamber (renowned court of 16th century England)

Campus Martius
The Field of Mars (assembly ground in Rome)

candida pax
White-robed eace (Ovid)

candor dat viribus alas
Sincerity gives wings to strength

cane peius et angue
Worse than a dog or snake

canis in praesepi
A dog in the manger

Canis Maior
The larger dog (constellation near Orion)

Canis Minor
The lesser dog (constellation near Orion)

cantabit vacuus coram latrone viator
the poor wayfarer will sing in the presence of travelers (Juvenal)

Cantate Domino
Sing to the Lord (Psalm 98)

cantilenam eandem canis
You are singing the same old song (Terence)

The chanting portions of the Catholic Mass

To be sung by the precentor (antiphoral song)

cantus firmus
Fixed son (Gregorian melody)

cantus planus
Plainsong (Gregorian chant)

capias ad audiendum
Writ ordering appearance in court

capias ad respondendum
Writ ordering the arrest of a person

capias ad satisfaciendum
Writ ordering satisfaction of an order

capiat qui capere possit
Let him/her take it who is able

captantes capti sumus
We catchers have been caught

captatio benevolentiae
Reaching after favour

captus nidore culinae
Caught by the aroma of the kitchen (Juvenal)

caput inter nubilia condo
I hide my head among the clouds (Virgil)

caput lupinum
The wolf's head (an outlaw or a renegade)

caput mortuum
Worthless residue remaining after a process

caput mundi
Head (capital) of the world (i.e., Rome)

caret initio et fine
It lacks a beginning and an end

carmen figuratum
Verse printed in the shape of an object

carmen solutum
A prose poem

carmen triumphale
A triumphal song

carpe diem
Seize the day (enjoy the moment) (Horace)

carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero
Enjoy the day, trusting little in tomorrow

carpent tua poma nepotes
Your descendants will pluck your fruit

carpere et colligere
To pluck and to gather

cassetur billa
Let the bill be terminated

casis tutissima virtus
Virtue is the safest helmet

castigat ridendo mores
One corrects customs by laughing at them

casus urbis Troianae
The fall of the city of Troy

Cause, precipitating factor

causa causans
Cause that causes all things

causa causata
Cause resulting from a previous cause

causa efficiens
Efficient or effective cause

causa essendi
Cause of being

causa fiendi
Cause of becoming

causa finalis
Final cause

causa formalis
Formal cause

causa latet, vis est notissima
The cause is hidden, but its force is very well known (Ovid)

causa mali
Cause of evil

causa materialis
Material cause

causa mortis
Cause of death, an anticipation of death

causa movens
Reason for undertaking a particular action

causa proxima
Immediate cause

causa sina qua non
Fundamental reason, necessary condition

causa secunda
Secondary cause

causa sui
Cause of itself

causa vera
True cause

caveant consules
Consuls (of the Roman Senate) beware

caveant connsules ne quid detrimenti respublica capiat
Beware consuls that the commonwealth is not harmed

Let one beware, take caution

caveat actor
Let the doer beware

caveat emptor
Let the buyer beware

caveat venditor
Let the seller beware

caveat viator
Let the traveller beware

cave canem
Beware of the dog

cavendo tutus
Safe by taking heed

cave ne cadas
Take care so that you do not fall

cave quid dicis, quando, et cui
Beware of what you say, when, and to whom

cedant arma togae
Let arms yield to the toga (motto of Wyoming)

cede Deo
Submit to God

celari vult sua furta Venus
Venus desires her thefts to be concealed

celeritas et veritas
Promptness and truth

Cena Domini
The Lord's Supper

censor morum
A censor of morals

certamina divitiarum
Struggles of the riches (Horace)

To be informed by an appellate review court

certum est quia impossible est
It is certain because it is impossible (Tertullian)

certum vot pete finnem
Set a definite limit to your desire (Horace)

cessante causa cessat effectus
Once the cause is removed, the effect will disappear

cessio bonorum
The surrender of goods

cetera desunt
The rest are lacking (the text is incomplete)

ceteris paribus
Other things being equal (other things remaining the same)

characteristica universales
Universal characters (ideographs)

chartae libertatum
Charters of liberties

chorea scriptorum
Writer's cramp

Christi crux est mea lux
The cross of Christ is my light

Christo et Ecclesiae
For Christ and for the Church

cicatrix manet
The scar remains

cineri gloria sera est
Glory paid to ashes comes too late (Martial)

cineri gloria sera venit
Fame to the dead comes to late

cingulum Veneris
The girdle of Venus

circa (ca.)
About (means uncertainty about a date)

circuitus verborum
A circuit of words (a circumlocution)

circulus in probando
A circle in proof (vicious circle in logic)

circulus in definiendo
A circle in definition (vicious circle)

circulus vitiosus
A vicious circle (a logical fallacy)

cito dispensetur
Let it be dispensed quickly

cito enim arescit lacrima, praesertim in alienis malis
A tear is quickly dried when shed for the misfortunes of others

cito maturum, cito putridum
soon ripe, soon rotten

civilitas successit barbarum
Civilization succeeds barbarism (motto of Minnesota)

civis Romanus sum
I am a Roman citizen (Cicero)

Civitas Dei
City of God (St. Augustine)

civitas diaboli
City of the devil

clarior e tenebris
(I shine) out of the darkness more brightly

clarum et venerabile nomen
Illustrious and venerable name (Lucan)

claves curiae
Keys of the court

A key; glossary in a text

clerici vagantes
Wandering scholars

cochleare magnum
A tablespoonful

cochleare medium
A dessert spoonful

cochleare parvum
A teaspoonful

A volume of manuscripts; a code of laws

Codex Justinianus
the Justinian Code

codex rescriptus
A palimpsest; wooden writing surface

coetus dulce valete
Happy meetings, farewell (Catullus)

cogi qui potest nescit mori
S/he who can be forced has not learned how to die

cogitatonis poenam nemo
No one is punished for her/his thoughts

cogito, ergo sum
I think, therefore I am (Descartes)

Relations of the mother's side

cognovit actionem
S/he has acknowledged the action

Collection of passages from various authors

Members of a group united by common interest

colluvies vitiorum
Vile medley of vices, pit of iniquity

A medicinal eyewash

collubrem in sinu fovere
To cherish a snake in one's bosom

Columna Bellica
a column of war in ancient Rome

comes iucundus in via pro vehiculo est
A pleasant companion on the road is as good as the carriage (Publius Syrus)

comitas inter communitates
Comity (friendliness) of nations

comitas inter gentes
Comity (civility) between nations

Assembly of the Romans

Mix together

commune bonum
The common good

commune periculum concordiam parit
Common danger begets unity

communes loci
Commonplace ideas

communibus annis
In common years, the annual average

communi consensu
By common consent

compendia dispendia
Shortcuts are roundabout ways

compesce mentem
Control your temper

An embracing; aggregate of parts

componere lites
To settle disputes (Horace)

compos mentis
In a sound state of mind

compos sui
Master of one's self

compos voti
Having obtained one's wishes

Compounded of...

I admit, I concede

concio ad clerum
Discourse to the clergy

concordia discors
Harmony in discord (Horace)

concursus Dei
concurrent activity of God

Classmate, fellow student

conditio sine qua non
Indispensable condition

Congregatio de Propaganda Fide
Congregation for the Propagation of Faith

coniunctis viribus
With united powers

conscia mens recti
Conscious of being right (Ovid)

conscientia mille testes
Conscience is as good as a thousand witnesses

By general agreement

consensus audacium
The agreement of rash men; a conspiracy

consensus facit legem
Consent makes the law

consensus gentium
Unanimity of nations; widespread agreement

consensus omnium
Agreement of all members

consequitur quodcunque petit
S/he attains whatever s/he attempts

consilio et animis
By wisdom and courage

consilio et prudentia
By wisdom and prudence

consilio manuque
By strategem and manual labor

consilio, non impetu
By deliberation, no impulse

constantia et virtute
By firmness andcourage

consuetudo est altera lex
Custom is another law

consuetudo pro lege servatur
Custom is held as the law

consuetudo quasi altera natura
Habit is second nature (Cicero)

consule Planco
In the consulship of Planco, i.e., in the good old days (Horace)

consummatum est
It is completed/finished (Christ's words on the cross)

coninuetur remedia
Let the medicine be continued

contra bonos mores
Contrary to good morals

contradictio in adiecto
Contradiction in terms

contra ius commune
Against common law

contra formam statuti
Against the form of the statute

contra ius gentium
Against the law of nations

contra mores
Contrary to morals

contra mundum
Against the world (i.e., an unpopular position)

contra naturam
Against nature

contra negantem principia non est disputandum
There is no disputing against one who denies the first principles

contra pacem
Against the peace

contraria contrariis curantur
Opposites are cured by opposites

copia fandi
Abundance of talk

copia verborum
Abundance of words

Before [someone]; in the presence of

coram domino rege
Before our lord and king

coram iudice
In the presence of a judge with jurisdiction

coram nobis
Before us, in our presence

coram non iudice
Before a judge without proper jurisdiction

coram paribus
Before equals, before one's peers

coram populo
In the presence of the people

corona lucis
Crown of light; a large chandelier

corpora lente augescent cito extinguuntur
Bodies grow slowly and die quickly (Tacitus)

cornu copiae
The horn of plenty; abundance

The body; collection of law or writings

Corpus Christi
feast of the Body of Christ; Holy Eucharist

corpus delicti
Body of the crime; objective proof of crime

corpus iuris
Body of law

Corpus Juris Canonici
Body of religious law

Corpus Juris Civilis
Body of civil law

corpus omnis Romani iuris
Compendium of Roman laws

corpus sine pectore
A body without a soul

corpus vile
Worthless matter

Something to be corrected (pl. corrigenda)

corruptio optimi pessima
The curruption of the best is the worst

corruptisima re publica plurimae leges
In the most corrupt state are the most laws (Terence)

cor unum, via una
One heart, one way

cos ingeniorum
A whetstone for the wits

crambe repetita
Warmed-over cabbage (stale repetitions)


cras credemus, hodie nihil
tomorrow we believe, but not today

cras mane
Tomorrow morning

cras mane sumendus
To be taken tomorrow morning

cras mihi
My turn [is] tomorrow

cras nocte
Tomorrow night

crassa negligentia
Gross negligence, criminal negligence

cras vespere
Tomorrow evening

credat Judaeus Apella
let Apella the Jew believe it (I won't) (Horace)

crede Deo
Trust in God

Things to be believed, articles of faith

crede quod habes, et habes
Believe that you have it, and you do

credite posteri
Believe it, future generations (Horace)

I believe; the apostles' (Nicene) Creed

credo quia absurdum est
I believe it because it is absurd

credo quia impossible est
I believe it because it is impossible

credo ut intelligam
I believe so that I may understand

credula res amore est
Love is a credulous thing (Ovid)

crescat scientia, vita excolatur
Let knowledge increase, let life be perfected (motto of the University of Chicago)

crescit amornummi quantum ipsa pecunia crescit
The love of money grows as our wealth increases (Juvenal)

crescite et multiplicamini
Increase and multiply (motto of Maryland)

crescit eundo
It grows as it goes (motto of New Mexico)

crescit sub pondere virtus
Virtue grows under oppression

crecitur amor nummi quantum ipsa pecunia crevit
The richer you beome the more youlove money (Juvenal)

crescentem sequitur cura pecuniam maiorumque fames
As money crows, care follows it and the hunger for more (Virgil)

cribro aquam haurire
To draw water in a sieve

Crime; criminal

crimen falsi
Crime of falsification; perjury

crimen innominatum
Nameless crime; crime against nature

crimem laesae maiestatis
Crime of high treason

cruce, dum spiro, fido
while I breathe, I trust the cross

cruce signati
Marked with a cross; the Crusaders


crux ansata
A T-shaped cross with a loop at the top

crux commissa
The tau cross

crux criticorum
The puzzle of the critics

crux decussata
X-shaped cross of St. Andrew or St. Patrick

crux medicorum
The puzzle of doctors

crux mihi ancora
The cross is my anchor

crux spes unica
The cross is the only hope (motto of Notre Dame University)

crux stellata
The cross with stars on its arms

cucullus non facit monachum
The cowl does not make the monk

cui bono?
Whom will it benefit? Who stands to gain?

cui fortuna ipsa cedit To whom fortune herself yields (Cicero)

cuilibet in arte sua perito credendum est
Every skilled man is to be trusted in his own art

cui malo?
Whom will it harm?

cui placet obliviscitur, cui dolet meminit
We forget our pleasures, we remember our sufferings (Cicero)

cuique suum
To each his own

Of which

cuius regio eius religio
He who owns the region, his is the religion

cuius libet
Of any that you please

cuius vis hominis est errare
It is natural for any man to make a mistake (Cicero)


culpae poenae par esto
Let the punishment fit the crime

culpa lata
Gross negligence

culpa levis
Ordinary negligence

culpam poena premit comes
Punishment presses hard onto the heels of crime(Horace)


cum bona venia
With good favour

cum grano salis
With a grain of salt

cum laude
With praise; with distinction

cum multis aliis
With many others

cum notis variorum
With the notes of various critics

cum onere
With the burden [of proving a charge]

cum privilegio
With privilege; an authorized edition

cum tacent clamant
When they are silent, they cry out (Cicero)

cuneus cuneum trudit
A wedge drives a wedge

cupiditas ex homine, cupido ex stulto numquam tollitur
A man can be cured of his lust, but a fool can never be cured of his greed

cupido dominandi cunctis adfectibus flagrentior est
The lust for power inflames the heart more than any other passion (Tacitus)

curae level loquuntur, ingentes stupent
Slight griefs talk, great ones are speechless

cura facit canos
Care brings grey hairs

Cur ante tubam tremor occupat artus?
Why should fear seize the limbs before the trumpet sounds? (Virgil)

A court of law

curia advisari vult
The court wishes to be advised

curia Domini
The Lord's court

curia regis
The king's court

curiosa felicitas
Painstaking spontaneity (Petronius)

currente calamo
With the pen running on; an afterthought

curriculum vitae
The courts of one's life; an academic resume

currus bovem trahit
The cart draws the ox

cursus curiae est lex curiae
The practice of the court is the law of the court

cursus honorum
Course of honours leading to a high position

curta supellex
Meager stock of furniture (Knowledge)

custodia legis
In the custody of law


custos morum
Guardian of the manners

custos incorruptissiumus
An incurruptible guardian

custos rotularum
Guardian of the rolls; justice of the peace


cyathus vinosus
Glassful of wine

cras amet qui nunquam amavit; quique amavit, cras amet
May he love tomorrow who has never loved before;
And may he who has loved, love tomorrow as well

cum grano salis
With a grain of salt

curae leves loquuntur ingentes stupent
Slight griefs talk, great ones are speechless (minor losses can be talked away, profound ones strike us dumb)

carpe diem
Seize the day (enjoy the present day)

casus belli
That which causes or justifies war (reason for war, grounds for a dispute)

ceteris paribus
Other things being equal

compos mentis
Of sound mind (sane)

corum populo
In the presence of the public

corpus delicti
The substance of the crime of offence

cui bono
To whose advantage is it - who is the gainer

Cito fit quod dei volunt.
What the gods want happens soon.



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